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The EB-5 Visa Relief Group is a single-issue organization focused on one thing: solutions for mounting EB-5 visa backlog that is stunting job creation for American businesses.

EB-5签证救援团(“VRG”)是一个单一目的组织,唯一专注于寻找EB-5签证积压问题的解决方案, 该问题正阻碍着美国商业的就业创造。

The EB-5 program is a proven job-creating program. We support short and long term solutions to expanded visa numbers and visa relief. EB-5 visa reform would result in billions of dollars of additional investment into local U.S. economies and tens of thousands of new American jobs. In short, we stand for the full realization of the EB-5 program’s job creation potential.

EB-5方案是行之有效的就业创造方案。我们支持短期或长期的各种解决方案来扩大签证数量和缓解签证问题。EB-5签证改革将给美国当地经济带来数十亿美元的额外投资,创造成千上万个新的美国就业机会。简而言之, 我们主张充分实现EB-5方案的就业创造潜力。

About the EB-5 Program

Congress created the EB-5 Program in 1990 to benefit the U.S. economy by attracting investments from immigrant entrepreneur investors. Under the EB-5 Program, each investor is required to demonstrate that at least 10 new jobs were created or saved as a result of their EB-5 investment, which must be a minimum of $1 million, or $500,000 if the funds are invested in certain high-unemployment or rural areas.

国会于1990年创造了EB-5方案, 通过吸引移民企业家投资人的投资来让美国经济受益。 在EB-5方案下,每位投资人被要求证明至少 有10个就业机会作为其EB-5投资的结果被创造或者保留, 该投资必须至少是100万美元,或者如果投资在某些高失业地区或者农村地区,投资金额 为50万美元。

In 1992, Congress enhanced the economic impact of the EB-5 program by permitting the designation of Regional Centers to pool EB-5 capital from multiple foreign investors within a defined geographic region. The EB-5 Industry is regulated by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

1992年, 国会通过允许设立区域中心,在规定的地理区域内汇集多个外国投资人的EB-5资本,从而增强了EB-5方案的经济影响。 EB5行业由美国公民与移民服务局(USCIS)和美国证券交易委员会(SEC)来监管。

As the 2008 financial crisis showed, access to capital is subject to devastating economic dips causing development to be delayed and jobs lost. Then and now, EB-5 capital provides investment to job-creating enterprises — revitalizing communities, building infrastructure, and creating jobs for Americans.

随着2008年金融危机出现,资本获得深受毁灭性的经济下滑影响, 导致发展迟缓与就业机会减少。从那时到现在,EB-5资本为创造就业的企业提供投资–振兴社区,建设基础设施,并为美国人创造就业机会。

The EB-5 Industry is a proven job creator. A comprehensive economic study commissioned by Invest in USA (“IIUSA”), the largest national EB-5 trade association, found that during fiscal year 2013 alone, investments made through the EB-5 program contributed $3.58 billion to U.S. GDP and supported over 41,000 U.S. jobs at zero-cost to the American taxpayer or the U.S. government. The U.S. Department of Commerce in its 2017 study found that in just over a 2-year period, EB-5 investments created over 174,000 U.S. jobs, and contributed nearly $6 billion into the American economy. EB-5 is great for the American economy because it creates new American jobs.

EB-5行业是被证明了的就业创造者。美国 最大的全国性EB-5行业协会 — 美国投资移民行业协会(IIUSA) 的综合经济研究指出, 仅在2013财政年度, 通过EB-5项目进行的投资在未花美国纳税人或者美国政府一分钱的情况下, 向美国的GDP贡献了35.8亿美元, 并支持了美国超过41000个就业机会。 美国商业部在其2017年研究报告发现, 短短2年时间, EB-5的投资就为美国创造了超过17.4万个就业机会, 并对美国经济贡献了将近60亿美元。由于能为美国创造新的就业机会, EB-5 对美国经济非常有利。

EB-5 Visa Relief Group Strategic Goals
EB-5 签证救援团战略性目标

Awareness / Educate. Our goal is to expand awareness of the jobs created by the EB-5 program and the dire threat to the EB-5 program caused by a lack of visas for qualified immigrant investors. We will:
认识/教育。 我们的目标是扩大对EB-5项目创造就业的认识,扩大对符合资格的移民投资人签证不足给EB-5方案带来的可怕威胁的认识。 我们将:

  • Inform all branches of U.S. Government about the benefits of the EB-5 program and the need for visa relief to fulfill the job creating intent and potential of the EB-5 program.
  • 通知美国政府所有部门关于EB-5方案的好处和签证救济的需要, 以实现EB5项目创造就业的意图和潜力。
  • Build awareness of the impact that visa limitations impose on local economic development and investor families.
  • 建立认知。 建立对签证限制对当地经济发展和投资人家庭带来的影响的认识。

Grass Roots Support. The EB-5 Visa Relief Group knows that there are hundreds of thousands of U.S. workers and businesses who benefit from the work EB-5 does every day. We will
基层民众支持。 VRG深知成千上万的美国工人和商业每天从EB-5中获益。 我们将: :

  • Identify and organize supporters for overdue EB-5 reforms and expanded EB-5 capacity.
  • 识别与组织支持延误的EB-5改革和支持增加EB-5签证数量的支持者。

Advocacy. The EB-5 Visa Relief Group will seek visa relief solutions from all branches of the U.S. government:

  • Legislative. Congress must re-authorize the program and expand EB-5 visa capacity, so that the original intent of the EB-5 program can be achieved.
  • 立法。 国会必须重新对EB-5方案进行授权,并扩大EB-5的签证数量, 从而使EB-5方案的初衷得以实现。
  • Executive. The Executive Branch and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security can implement new regulations and change its interpretations to provide various forms of visa relief to EB-5 investors and family members.
  • 行政。 行政部门和美国国土安全部可以实施新的法规和改变其解释,从而给EB5投资人和家庭成员提供各种途径的签证救济。
  • Judicial. There are legal flaws in the way visas are currently allocated, and resort to the courts might afford a remedy. We will support litigation dedicated to expanding visa capacity by restoring the best interpretation of our laws.
  • 司法。目前签证分配办法存在法律缺陷, 诉诸法院可能可以提供补救措施。 我们会支持致力于通过恢复对我们法律的最佳解释来增加签证数量的诉讼。

What We Are Not 我们不是什么

The EB-5 Visa Relief Group is focused only on the need for additional EB-5 visas to foster American job creation. Many other organizations are addressing other EB-5 related issues through legislative, administrative and judicial means. The EB-5 Visa Relief Group will support those other efforts which also address the need for EB-5 visa relief and result in the creation of new US jobs.

EB-5签证救援团仅关注额外的EB-5签证需要以促进美国就业创造。 很多其他组织通过立法、行政和司法途径来强调其他EB-5相关问题。 VRG也将支持其他关于解决EB-5签证救济的需要,并创造新的美国就业机会的努力。

For More Information: 更多信息

We are just beginning! The EB-5 Visa Relief Group is collaborating with experienced EB-5 professionals (attorneys, economists, policy experts), EB-5 Regional Centers, developers, elected officials and community leaders, highly regarded immigration non-profits to identify solutions. We will publish additional content and offer ways for the EB-5 community and its supporters to get involved.

我们刚刚开始行动! VRG正在与有经验的EB-5专业人士(包括律师,经济学家,政策专家)、EB-5区域中心、开发商、民选官员和社区领袖和受尊敬的非营利性移民组织合作来筛选解决方案。我们将发布更多的内容,并为EB-5社区及其支持者们提供途径进行参与。

To learn more and stay in contact, please email us at info@eb5vrg.org or fill out the contact information form below. We look forward to adding your support and voice!

需要获取进一步信息和保持联系的朋友,请发邮件联系我们info@eb5vrg.org  或者填写下面的联系信息表。我们期待你的支持和声音的加入!

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